Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ok! so I am not a mini book girl, I know I have posted some but I cannot seem to think how to store them. This whole project was made with paper the book cover also, ribbon and a Tim Holtz little thing was also used.
I saw someone on youtube and was inspired to make this little book. I can't seem to find the video and I can't remember who I watched that did this project. (If anyone knows please let me know or post a link in the comments) I am not into using peoples work unless people know I was inspired by them. I enjoyed making this so much its still in the works but I had to show it. Try making your own its so much fun, I am working on a 6x12 one can't wait to have it done to show you all.
I used ribbon to keep is closed 
I put a little pocket so that the person who has this or if you have more memories the can be added
A photo of all the boys will go here
As you guys can see still needs a little work but if anyone has seen the video of this and can tell me so I can post a link that would be great thanks. 
P.S. this is a little gift I am making for my Grandmother and the little pocket is so she can add more photos.


  1. awww...cute little faces! I love your babies, beautiful heart filled projects!! Jules:)