Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beach Layout!

Here is a fun Layout of my second son hanging 
out at the beach. He's not a big fan of sand and salty water.
 Watching him at the beach reminds me of watching myself or someone else handling something that maybe God had told us to do.
 Sometimes doing what God wants makes us get in deep or get ourselves dirty, it not something we find ourselves wanting to do. You can search through the Bible and read so much about following God's will and you can hear God speak to you, now the hard part comes when its time to put those things into practice. This layout shows Gavin April of 2011. 
A few weeks ago we went to the beach and he just jumped right into digging and playing he trusted what he had learned from the trip before and this time he had a great time. 
   product line used was from October afternoon 

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  1. So sweet - love the orange and blue. The pictures are adorable :)