Monday, July 22, 2013


So I have been MIA, In the past year I got pregnant with baby number four and did not have the greatest pregnancy. I ended up on bed rest with three little boys running around the house, yes I was going crazy. We finally had our beautiful little girl Sophia in Feb. Unknown to us our beautiful little girl was born with PKU short for Phenylketonuria. Yes we were in shock at first and we have been through the first few months and she is doing well. Her genetic disorder requires her to be on a special diet that she will be on for life, her diet is a low or no protein diet. Most people think no big deal but if you really sit and think about all the things in our diet that have protein its a lot of things. With weekly hospital visits and making special formula mixed with pumped breast milk it has been my biggest job ever. Thanks to God for patients through this hard time and we are so blessed to have Baby Sophia.

Soon I will be scrapping my little angel can't wait, I have put all my scrapbooking items in order and I am ready to get started.

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